Advances in Roofing Technology

Why should you care about cutting-edge roofing technology? You just want a roof over your head that protects you from the elements, right?

Well, think again!

The latest in roofing advancement technology focuses on:

  • energy efficiency
  • durability
  • safety
  • and cost-effective construction

That means a technologically advanced roof saves you money. Let’s explore the ways you can upgrade your roofing system and get the most out of your home improvement project.

advances in roofing technology

Solar Roof

After Tesla and Elon Musk announced their plans for solar roofs, the media and roofing industry have been ablaze with news about new developments in solar energy. By harnessing the power of the sun with solar shingles, cells, tiles, or panels, your roof can serve as an environmentally friendly power source.

These solar roof products are attached to the roofing deck without the need for racks, giving them an attractive appearance. Some solar shingles have been designed to blend in with non-solar shingles.

Green Roof

Vegetative roofs are sometimes called “living roofs.” Urban heat islands are caused by large areas covered by buildings, pavement, and other constructed surfaces that hold onto the heat of the sun. These areas were once covered in foliage and fauna that naturally cooled the land. Living roofs offer a creative solution to this problem by increasing shade and deflecting radiation. Every living roof includes a waterproofing layer, root barrier, drainage system, and growing medium.

These roof gardens come in three different varieties:

  • Intensive
  • Semi-Intensive
  • Extensive

Many people shy away from this type of roof for fear that it might leak more easily. However, a quality contractor will use a strong waterproofing membrane and construct the roofing system to be just as durable as (if not more than) an ordinary roof. In fact, some living roofs have been designed to withstand an H5 hurricane!

Cool Roof

Not everyone has a green thumb and can handle plant life growing on top of their house or business. However, they still care about urban heat islands and don’t want ordinary roofing materials that get so hot. When a roof absorbs the UV rays from the sun, that makes your AC work harder which increases your energy bill.

That’s why many people are now choosing light-colored roofs or metal roofs that have been developed to reflect instead of absorbing heat and insulating better, keeping the temperature in your home steady.

How well these solutions work and how much energy they save will depend on the product and manufacturer. According to the Green Building Alliance, cool roofing materials can save you 7 to 15 percent of your total air conditioning cost annually. Ask your roofing contractors at Roofing Recovery about your options and what’s best for you!

Synthetic Roof

There are advances in roofing technology due to the development of new roofing materials that lean away from toxic materials like asphalt and asbestos. They are made to look just like natural slate or tile and have proven to be more durable than the real thing. With advances in technology, some synthetic roof manufacturers like CertainTeed offer 50-year warranties if their product has been installed by a licensed roof contractor like Roofing Recovery.

Taking Roof Inspection to a New Level

Besides roofing materials, the way we can inspect a roof is changing too! Many homeowners and roofing experts alike are using drones with video cameras to get to hard-to-reach or dangerous areas of a roof.

This avoids unnecessary wear and tear on the roof’s surface by trampling feet. It also eliminates the risks involved in climbing to deadly heights under uncertain conditions. After the problem areas have been identified, all parties involved can decide the next course of action with confidence.

Roofing Recovery can help you find the right roof for you!

When you want new roofing technology in Florida (Dade/Broward/West Palm Beach), it needs to suit your budget and be exactly to your liking. That’s why you need trained and licensed contractors with decades of experience like Roofing Recovery to help you navigate your options.

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