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Roofing Recovery isn’t just a roofing company. We improve homes and commercial properties in Broward, Dade, and West Palm Beach, Florida, by performing a variety of services including impact window installation.

It’s our mission to help increase your property’s curb appeal, safety, and energy efficiency by providing you with the highest quality workmanship at a fair price. We also strive to educate our customers and guide them to make informed decisions about the options available.



Impact windows are also known by the names “hurricane windows” and “storm windows”. Unlike ordinary windows that shatter into hundreds of tiny and dangerous pieces of glass, impact windows do not!

These specially engineered windows include a plastic membrane that acts as a shock absorber. A laminate holds an additional two sheets of glass, one on both sides of the membrane. When an impact window breaks, the shattered pieces remain bound to the plastic membrane. This not only makes them tougher to break through, but also saves you from needing to clean up a giant mess.


Safeguard against forced entry burglaries by securing the easiest entry point to your home — windows. Impact windows do what conventional windows can’t; they have a high resistance to small missile impacts. This makes it very difficult for a criminal to get inside. There is no subtle or quiet way to break an impact window. Even a bodybuilder with a sledgehammer will have difficulty making their way into your residential or commercial property.


Fire Hazard

Many residents of South Florida like to leave their hurricane shutters up year round. We know it takes time to set them up and take them down, but when they are closed, they are a fire hazard.

Difficult to Open

If a fire occurs inside of your home, time is of the essence. You need to get out fast, and hurricane shutters are nearly impossible to open from the inside. What could be your only means of escape can become your prison as you struggle to remove them.

Sit Back & Relax

With impact windows, you don’t need shutters at all. Instead, you can sit back and relax, knowing you are safe in the event of a storm or fire.


Insurance Saving

Impact windows offer immense protection against storms and burglaries and your insurance company knows this.

Did you know that you can receive a reduction on your insurance premiums when you install impact windows? Give your home or business insurance provider a call if you don’t believe us!

Energy Bill Savings

In South Florida, we get a lot of sunshine. And, although we love the sun, the heat it produces is costing you on your energy bill. Windows can act as a weak spot for thermal regulation. Direct conduction, heat radiation, and air leaks are the culprits, and they’re making your living space hot!

Impact windows eliminate or reduce these factors with special features engineered to enhance the energy efficiency of your home or business. Those features may include:

2+ panes / Glass tints / Low-E coatings / Laminated Insulating Glass

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Choosing Your Impact Windows

If you want to install new impact windows, it’s important to understand how they are rated and what those ratings mean. Let’s go over those details.

Design Pressure (DP)

This is the most common rating. Design Pressure ratings range from 20 to 70. It signifies the amount of water pressure and water penetration that your windows can withstand.

The size of your window doesn’t dictate the DP rating; the location of your window does. To find out which DP rating you should choose, we will personally evaluate your property needs.

Performance Grade (PG)

An alternative (and often preferred method) to measuring the performance of your windows is a Performance Grade or PG rating. Unlike Design Pressure, for a window to receive a Performance Grade rating, the window must pass all of the following required performance tests:

  1. Operating force
  2. Air leakage resistance
  3. Water penetration resistance
  4. Uniform load deflection test
  5. Uniform load structural test
  6. Forced-entry resistance

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We hope you are more confident in your decision to have a licensed contractor install impact windows on your commercial or residential property.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, have questions, or want to discover more about the cost benefits of upgrading to impact windows call us at 954-799-4069 or schedule a callback.

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