Top 5 Roof Repair Mistakes

Roof repair mistakes are unacceptable for so many reasons. One, it’s a waste of time and energy. Two, it’s a waste of money, and three, it can lead to major issues in the long run. Whether you intend to repair a roof yourself, or you suspect the last roofers you hired did a terrible job, we hope that our list of the top 5 roofing mistakes will help you make better, informed decisions.

Top 5 Roof Repair Mistakes:

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Mistake: Reusing Flashing

Under your shingles are protective metallic sheets known as flashing. When a small portion of your roof is repaired, it’s possible to remove a few injured shingles and replace them with new ones without disturbing the flashing. However, when much of the roof needs to be replaced or a full installment is necessary, the likelihood that the flashing can be preserved is extremely slim, and building codes do not permit flashing to be reused if the damage is present. The point of flashing is to keep out moisture, Even when flashing is “lightly used,” water will easily slip through nail holes.

Mistake: Reusing Shingles For Other Purposes

There are specific components of a roof called “ridge caps” and “starter strips.” To save money, some DIYers and roofers believe that it’s okay to repurpose old shingles as these components. However, Shingles are engineered to be nailed down to your roof, overlapping one another slightly.

Shingles are not designed to do anything else. Do not use them in unintended ways or the results will be less than desirable. It might be cheaper and cut costs, but it will also reduce the life of the roof itself. Save yourself the trouble and use authentic ridge caps and starter strips. Leave your crafty recycling ideas for another project.

Mistake: Leaving the Underlayment Alone

When the shingles and flashing are torn off, there is one extra layer called the underlayment. It’s a type of felting or paper that covers the wood decking. If that isn’t pulled off, it’s impossible to know the true condition of the roof. It’s very important for roofers to assess the health of a roof, and the decking is an essential component. If parts of it have rotted or become damaged, nails will not hold. Always remove the underlayment before installing new flashing and shingles.

Mistake: Keeping Poor Ventilation Systems

When Roofing Recovery does a roof inspection, 9 out of 10 times the roof has poor ventilation. You can test this yourself by checking the temperature in your attic space and outdoors. Good ventilation should have less than a 10-degree difference. If the temperature in your attic is more than 10 degrees hotter than it is outside, expect more damage, higher energy bills, and frequent repairs. Many roofers won’t bother to fix your ventilation issues and that will ultimately lead to an endless cycle of prematurely deteriorating roofing systems.

Roofing Recovery aims to ensure proper ventilation for every roof we touch. When the right ventilation balance is achieved, airflow in your attic is optimal which naturally cools and dries your roofing system. Perfect ventilation is created when there is an even balance of intake and exhaust vents installed within your roofing system. Calculations must be made to evenly distribute vents throughout the entire attic space area.

Mistake: Wrong Nails

Nails hold the entire roof together. If you use the wrong ones, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Shingle nails should be 11 or 12 gauge and at least 2 inches long. Its head should be no smaller than 3/8th inch. This secures the shingles well because you can drive them straight through the decking.

It also matters where the nails are placed. They should be positioned under the top layer of shingle to protect them from rusting. If nails are exposed to the elements, they will corrode away and leave holes behind.

Professional Roof Repair and Installation in Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach

There are many small but common roof repair mistakes that can ruin the integrity of a complex roofing system. It’s no wonder that people search carefully for a roofer they can depend on to do the job right.

If you live in Florida within the Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach areas and you’re looking for experienced and trusted roofers to work on your commercial or residential property, Roofing Recovery is one of the outstanding roofing contractors in South Florida with superb quality, customer service, and extensive experience. Call 954-799-4069 to request a quote today!

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