Senate Bill 76: What You Need To Know

Florida Senate Bill 76 is a big deal. The bill has been introduced to the Florida Senate and it’s working its way through the legislative process. If passed, this law could protect homeowners from unfair insurance claims by making it harder for lawyers to sue insurers on their client’s behalf.

Senate Bill 76 will increase the cap on the amount of insurance coverage for roof replacement. It will also require that insurance companies provide homeowners with a list of contractors, which would help them get their roofs replaced faster.

It’s important to note that this bill does not change the amount of coverage you have if you purchase your own policy through an insurance company. It only provides additional coverage if you buy it through your landlord as part of their policy or other similar means.

What’s the problem?

Florida Senate Bill 76 is a bill that will protect homeowners from insurance companies. The bill will require insurance companies to pay for roof replacement and damage caused by hurricanes. This means that homeowners in Florida can rest assured knowing that their houses will be protected from any storm damage or repairs needed after a hurricane.

The issue at hand is this: Florida only has one major hurricane every six years, so most people have no idea how much money they’re going to need for such an event until it happens! This means many Floridians are left without insurance when it comes time to make repairs after a storm hits, which leads us back where we started—with people losing their homes because they can’t afford all the costs involved with fixing up after the storm hits.

Why is this a big deal?

You might be wondering why this bill is so important. It’s true that it won’t make your roof repairs any faster or easier, but what it will do is give you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not a new roof is worth the money.

In order to understand why this bill is so important, we have to look at some of its effects:

  • The bill will protect homeowners from insurance companies trying to avoid paying for roof replacement. Insurance companies are notorious for trying their best not only to deny claims but also to delay payments as long as possible. This often means that contractors will have to wait months before they receive payment from an insurance company after doing repairs on a damaged home—which can mean they cannot pay their employees or cover other expenses like rent and supplies while waiting for payment from the insurance company.* The bill will protect homeowners from contractors trying to get a quick profit by inflating bids for reroofing jobs (and then charging even more once work begins). Contractors who inflate bids make money by overcharging homeowners without having been paid by their insurer first.* The bill also protects homeowners themselves because it forces them to make more educated decisions about whether or not they want new roofs in certain situations.

The Fix

SB76 provides significant relief to homeowners impacted by natural disasters. The new law will help homeowners, contractors, and insurance companies in the following ways:

  • Homeowners who suffered storm damage may pay their first mortgage payments on a voluntary basis without penalty for up-to-date payments made before the storm. The balance of their loan will be forgiven if they meet a number of conditions, including completing repairs within two years after receiving a final inspection report from an insurance company.
  • Contractors can get credit for work done before Hurricane Florence if they submitted invoices or estimates to an insured homeowner prior to Nov. 1, 2018, but did not receive payment until after that date because FEMA could not reimburse them until Jan. 8, 2019 (due to federal shutdown).

How do the changes help?

The changes will help to prevent fraud and abuse. When the law goes into effect, people can only receive benefits for a limited time. This means that they will have to get jobs when they are ready and able to do so. It also means that there is an incentive for people to not apply for benefits unless they really need them.

The new law will reduce the number of individuals who rely on public assistance programs for long periods of time without trying to get back into the workforce or otherwise improve their situations in some way, which helps everyone else by reducing costs and improving efficiency within these important safety-net programs.

Florida Senate Bill 76 will protect Florida homeowners.

Senate Bill 76 will protect Florida homeowners in the following ways:

  • Provides a way for homeowners to get their roofs replaced
  • Protects homeowners from insurance companies that deny claims
  • Protects homeowners from contractors who take advantage of them
  • Protects homeowners from insurance companies that raise rates after a claim is made and then refuses to pay for necessary repairs because of the new higher rate

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