Finding the Right Roofing Solution: Repair or Replacement

Have you found shingles lying in your yard? How about the number one sign of roof failure such as leaks or water spots on your ceiling? With an inspection, you can find the right roofing solution. Roofing Recovery will evaluate your options and determine if you need a total roof replacement or a simple roof repair.


Considering Roofing Replacement?

Roof replacement involves removing all the old shingles and felt paper or moisture barrier and replacing them with brand-new materials. It might also involve repairing or replacing the deck or any other damage that’s revealed when removing the old roof.


How is roof repair different?

Roof repairs focus only on the damaged areas of the roof. If the damaged areas aren’t widespread, repairing can seem like a good option. But even if the damaged area is small, it might still be advisable to replace the whole roof.


Aspects you should consider when repairing:

  • New shingles rarely match the old existing shingles.
  • May be less expensive than replacing your roof if the damage is minor or limited to a small area, but can be more expensive per square foot.
  • Repairing your roof is faster than replacing your roof. This could be important if the roof is being repaired during hurricane season.
  • A repair won’t extend the life of your roof beyond its original life expectancy, but it may help the roof reach its full lifespan.


Aspects you should consider when replacing: 

  • Roof replacement is the most expensive option for dealing with roof damage, but the cost of replacing your roof may compensate for the cost of having to do repairs over and over again.
  • A new roof can last decades, and ours comes with a 50-year warranty.
  • Don’t forget that replacing your roof restarts the clock on your roof’s lifespan.


What is the best option in your situation? 


Evaluating your case is the first step to deciding the best choice for your situation.

After the evaluation, you should consider your options and look at the bigger picture for a long-term solution, financially and functionally.

We do recommend replacing your roof because a simple repair may not solve your problem and doesn’t renew your roof lifespan.

If you discover a roof problem that requires an expert’s skillful hand and lives in Dade, Broward, or West Palm Beach, make sure to call a trusted roofer. Roofing Recovery is one of the outstanding roofing contractors in South Florida with superb quality, customer service, and extensive experience. Call 954-799-4069 to request a quote today!

adminFinding the Right Roofing Solution: Repair or Replacement